Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer School 2014

This time of year, most teenagers are enjoying their last days away from school as the fall semester is quickly approaching. This isn't the case at Woodward Academy, where educational programming runs year round. There are the two traditional semesters in the fall and spring, with an additional semester that runs during the summer. Both core and elective courses are offered to students and curriculum is designed and assessed based on the standards from the Iowa Core Curriculum.

There are several reasons why school operates year round. The most obvious is that it keeps students engaged in an activity throughout the summer. Staying busy is a big contributing factor in why students succeed at WA. Additionally, many students involved in the juvenile justice system are academically behind either in content knowledge or in credits. This is the case at Woodward Academy and attending school addresses both. On campus, behaviors are consistently addressed because they are visible. Academic deficiencies such as in mathematics or writing are much more difficult to see on a daily basis… unless students are in school. Rather than take 3 months off, students are working on these skills in the classroom. A lot of students are also behind in credits compared to typical students. Being able to earn credits during the summer can in many cases rectify that problem and get those students back on track to graduate with their class.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Alumni Visit Campus // Knights Pride

The four years in high school are formative years in a lot of young people's lives, and ones that are often remembered forever. For two Woodward Academy alumni, they were so powerful that they helped shape who they are today. Kevante Jackson and Tony Stocker attended WA during the 2010-2011 school year and left an impact on the school that continues today. They were both members of Woodward Academy's first football team, and were also on the powerlifting team that was featured in the documentary, Knight of Iron.

They are now on their own in Kansas City, MO and Flint, MI respectively, working in the auto industry, and both are engaged to be married. Tony's fiancé is originally from Iowa and he wanted to show her his path through high school that included a stop at Woodward Academy's campus. He called Kevante up, and together they made the trip. Tony admitted to staff that he never thought he would ever return to campus, and was regretting his decision as he approached campus. But once he saw and talked with some staff he knew, he said it "felt like home." During their time on campus, they presented their story to a lot of Knights during Dorm Report meeting and both are extremely proud to be Knights.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Turning 19...

Today, Woodward Academy turns 19 years old. Established in 1995, the first day started with 4 students and a handful of staff. Over the course of the next month, our first dorm was filled and we have grown ever since. Today, Woodward Academy has a student capacity of 256 students and employs over 200 staff members. As of today, 4,650 students have entered the doors at Woodward Academy and the Knights are as strong as ever.

Over the past 19 years, not only have we served a lot of students, but our services to those students have improved as well. Our clinical services are top notch, we are continually helping more students graduate from high school or earn their GED certificate, and Woodward Academy competes in 6 sanctioned high school sports.

The list of activities we provide, accomplishments we've gathered, and lives that have been changed by being a Knight is immeasurable, but the source of our success is very clear. It lies in the staff who invest their passion and energy on a daily basis, and in the students who are willing to take a look at themselves and change their lives. Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Culinary Arts Major

Victor Fuller recently participated in his orientation day at Iowa Central Community College as he prepares for college life later this fall. He spent time signing up for classes, worked on his financial aid, and was exposed to what campus life has to offer such as computer and support services. As a Culinary Arts and Restaurant and Hospitality Management major, Victor also took an extended tour of the culinary arts program.

The head of the program is Chef Michael Hirst, who led the tour of this area and laid out what he expects from his students. One of the most interesting things was the "daily evaluation" rubric he presented the students. After looking at the document, it was amazing at how accurately it married the values that are taught at Woodward Academy every day. Students in his program are evaluated on their acceptance of instruction, dependability / punctuality, initiative / enthusiasm, overall attitude in the work place, personal appearance, and quality of work. These are the characteristics that he views as valuable in the classroom and workplace. For Victor, it also cemented the values that he has been exposed to while attending WA.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baseball Poster 2014

Nothing says summer more than the Fourth of July and baseball. So this week we thought it would be a good time to unveil the official 2014 Knights baseball poster. The Iowa high school baseball season  starts fast and progresses at a hectic pace with upwards of 5 games a  week. The Knights have been playing well this season and have had a great time on the diamond. The season is already coming to an end with only a handful of games left.

The poster is a composite picture with each player being taken separately and the background images are of Knights Field. When you're on campus, pick one up and add it to your collection. If you want to see all of the other sports posters from the past 6 years, visit our Knight Pics website by clicking here.