Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Knight Pics website

We try to do our best to keep our readers informed of what is happening at Woodward Academy. We also pride ourself on having a graphic, and some times additional images, for each blog post. It helps send a visual message for the post that can go along with the content. But only a handful of the pictures ever make it to the blog. Most images from sporting events or other events on campus never make the cut. That is why we have our Knight Pics website. You can access the website by clicking here and some time catching up on the latest sporting events or past campus posters.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Powerlifting Poster 2013

We are clearly in the midst of powerlifting season with several of the last posts on this blog focusing on the team and their demolition path to Nationals. We've seen some of the lifters already after winning, so here is a look at them during practice. Pictured is the official poster for the 2013 team. The pictures were taken last week and composited together for the final image. Plenty more will be talk this team as they move towards the Nationals meet, April 5-7 in Denver, CO.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Knights Powerlifting Dominates... Again!

The road to Denver, CO and the USAPL High School National Championships has been very smooth for the Knights this year. Last week, the Knights performed very well in Lincoln, NE, that you can read about here. This past weekend, the Knights powerlifting team dominated competition at the high school meet at Peru State in Nebraska. Of the ten WA lifters who competed, 6 received first place finishes, 3 second place finishes (2 were behind other WA lifters), and 1 third place finish. The Knights brought home the team competition with Dedrrick Johnson winning outstanding lightweight lifter and Dillon Osborn winning outstanding heavyweight lifter. To demonstrate the Knight's true dominance against the field: of the more than 100 lifters at the event, only 2 placed in front of a Knight. Their next meet is at home in early March.